The Beasts They Turned Away
Title: The Beasts They Turned Away
Published by: époque press
Release Date: March 11th, 2021
Pages: 233
ISBN13: 9781999896089

Íosac Mulgannon is a man called to stand. Losing a grip on his mental and physical health, he is burdened with looking after a mute child whom the local villagers view as cursed.

The aging farmer stubbornly refuses to succumb in the face of adversity and will do anything, at any cost, to keep hold of his farm and the child.

This dark and lyrical debut novel confronts a claustrophobic rural community caught up in the uncertainties of a rapidly changing world.

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'A novel like no other. Mythic and intimate, original yet recognisable, the barbed wire prose of Ryan Dennis draws down storm clouds and grey crows over a world at the end of its tether. Half mad, wholly inspired and completely brilliant.'

Mike McCormack
(author of Solar Bones and winner of The Goldsmiths Prize)