Here are some links that might be useful to writers and readers alike.

Rural Writers Meet Rural Readers

The Milk HouseRural life is both singular and unique across geography, while at the same time having aspects that are shared among those who experience it, regardless of where they come from. Ryan Dennis founded The Milk House to help showcase those who write about rural subjects and connect them with those who want to read about them. The site features high-quality fiction, nonfiction, poetry and music, often—but not exclusively—about the countryside.

Support Independent Publishing

List of Independent PublishersIndependent publishing is the sole of literature. They do the hard work of taking chances and finding new voices. Choose your next book from one these presses on The Largest List of Independent Publishers.


Free Writing Tips and Author Support

Jessica Maybury's siteSign up to a weekly newsletter on The Jessica Maybury that offers great advice, prompts and inspiration on the writing process. Coming from a writer, the site and corresponding newsletter makes it feel like you have a friend at your side who knows what the dark turmoil of trying to put words on the page is all about.